Creating a Triangulate measurement for 26xxB

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Creating a Triangulate measurement for 26xxB

Postby charthan » June 24th, 2013, 8:26 am

I'm using the script from the examples given for 26xx in TSB builder, but have adapted it to be run inside labview, where I can select the variables, such as number of points, start and end values, nplc etc. I've written some code to triangulate measurements. To do this, I'm using the 'DCSweepVList' function or the equivalent for I List. I build a string in Labview with all of the values for the triangulate measurment. However when I run this, I encounter a timeout error. I've attached the VI which compiles the script and sends it to the 2636B I'm using.
If anyone could shed some light on how to get this working, I'd be really appreciative. Also in the script, there is a section which 'enables SRQ on done' (see below):

-- enable SRQ on sweep done
status.operation.sweeping.enable = status.operation.sweeping.SMUA
status.operation.enable = status.operation.SWEEPING
-- transistion registers
status.operation.sweeping.ptr = 0
status.operation.sweeping.ntr = status.operation.sweeping.SMUA
-- when negative transition register changes state
-- from 0 to 1, the sweep is done.
status.node_enable = status.OSB
status.request_enable = status.OSB

Could someone explain what this is and how it works, as I am using it in other work, but I'm just copying and pasting it as I don't understand why I need to use it.

VI which produces the script which is sent to the 2636B
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